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Huzzah!  And Welcome to The Shire...

We are a not-for-profit educational organization that re-creates history from the fall of the Roman Empire to the invention and widespread use of gun powder (600-1600 AD).  We are affiliated with the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Kingdom of Meridies ~ and are governed by the principles of graciousness, chivalry, honor, and valor in our words ... and in our deeds.

The Shire of Salt Keep is Located in Panama City,  Florida.

If you are interested in learning more about medieval or renaissance history, armored battle, fencing, dance, embroidery, calligraphy, glass or metal work, heraldry, cookery, brewing, etc. - then please contact us!

The Shire was formed in 1985 and the SCA now has over 25,000 official members located throughout 19 different kingdoms in the known world.
Become a part of our dream and bring history to life!

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Some of our Shire members at play ~ as seen in The News Herald, TVs 7 & 13, and Fox28's Morning Show!

We invite you to visit us during fighter practice and meetings or attend an event - we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the SCA or the Shire of Salt Keep and how you can join us in this fantastical fanfare of feasting, fighting and fun!

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