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The Shire Of Salt Keep
History of The Shire


History of The Shire
History of The Shire
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Want to know a little bit about the Shire's past? Well, good gentles - feel free to peruse! 

The Shire of Salt Keep 'stood up' in October of 1985 and even though many of its beloved members have come and gone... the goals and intent of this Southernmost Shire of the Kingdom of Meridies has always remained the same.
The device above was created to demonstrate the location of the Shire, where the Land meets the Sea (green and blue). The Castle (white) is made of sea salt - which has always been generously supplied by the Shire to the entire Kingdom and its Crown.

"We are the guardians of the Southern Gate to keep back the invading Hordes of Trimaris!"... THL Christoph of Willaston (1985)